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Save A Biker

"Save A Biker" is a worldwide project created by Onedesign that is aimed at promoting safety on the streets. This project involves motorcyclist as well as any person traveling on the road. 
We can all make a difference with a clear mind, a little common sense and caring for the safety of each other.
(Kurt, Jon, Butch, Harold, Lenry, Jedidiah, Mark, Jorge, Jonayson, and Corey)
Military Veterans who all spread motorcycle safety to "SAVE A BIKER" They ride in pacts of hundreds, spreading safe riding tips and spreading the word "SAVE A BIKER"
(@maiiee from Australia)
She is a motorcycle enthusiast and push's with Onedesign to spread the word "Save A Biker" and to help keep motor vehicle drivers/bikers both safe on the streets.
(Located in Italy) 
Here is Onedesign promoting "safety" with save a biker at the BIGGEST Powersports Trade Show in the world! AIMEXPO, in cooperation with the non profit Motomorphosis (as shown above)
"Save A Biker" is meant to bring people together to spread motorcycle safety-awareness in their own ways. Some even like to make phrases like (Kevin Lee) below! "Save A Biker" "Ride In Paradise"


Reach out to us anytime to learn more about our Save A Biker initiative that promotes motorcycle and rider safety!